We’re pleased to announce that last week Transport for London received an innovation award for the Construction Logistics Programme at the CIVITAS Urban Freight Conference.

CIVITAS is an EU programme with a network of cities dedicated to cleaner, better transport in Europe and beyond, with more than 800 innovative urban transport measures and solutions. There are four projects within CIVITAS focusing on different aspects and as part of the SUCCESS project, TfL collected the award for ‘Innovation in Construction Logistics policies in urban areas’.

The award was presented by Robert Missen, Head of Unit of Innovations at the European Commission and said “London’s approach to develop a construction logistics plan with the industry is key to their success. London has built up a lot of know-how in urban freight planning, which they readily share with other cities and industry stakeholders across Europe”.

Transport for London’s Principal City Planner, Peter Binham received the award on 23rd April in Brussels at the CIVITAS Conference, which brought together more than 150 stakeholders from the European Commission, universities, public authorities and industry. The SUCCESS project said that TfL was ” an outstanding case of a local government body that is facing the challenges of construction logistics in a comprehensive, holistic and smart way”.